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Technology and Training media

Besides course lessons a so-called computer based training will also take place. In addition to this the most modern hardware and software will be used. Every single training place is equipped with the latest computers as well as 17 - 21" flat screens partly Touchscreens (according to the procedure). The training software can be adjusted to all parameters and is continuously broadened and updated. The ATTC trainees will receive via internet the updates of their software modules automatically and as a result they are always on the latest level in receiving information on the examination.

The Staff

ATTC sets a high value on the preparation for the psychological parts of the respective entrance methods. Thanks to well-tested ATTC training already thousands of pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight stewards have been able to fulfil their dream in the aviation industry. With the assistance of the individual and competent service by the ATTC team and above all fun at doing the interesting exercises very many applicants make it a success through the difficult entrance methods.

The Rooms

The modern lecture rooms with whiteboard and beamer are located in a quiet environment, so that the students can fully concentrate on the training. The lectures are conducted by qualified personnel. Graduate psychologists, commercial pilots, teachers of mathematics, physics and English as well as flight steward trainers are among the ATTC trainers.

Free Internet

For every ATTC seminar the free usage of the internet is offered. The CBT-Stations are equipped with WLAN, so that the students can either use the internet directly from their place or surf the internet with their own notebook, tablet or smarthone.

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