Basic Screening

The BS testing unit includes the recording of cognitive skills relevant to flying operations (audio-visual absorption capacity) together with the identification of psychomotoric capabilities under multiple responsibilities. A psychological questioning test is used to compile the measurable personality factors into an easily-interpretable analysis. Skills in mathematics, technical and physics knowledge and English are measured. In addition, an ATPL knowledge test is also conducted with a selection of questions from the aviation working environment. The cognitive characteristics are covered redundantly via 2 independent performance tests respectively. The data from the BS testing unit is recorded in computerised form in the scope of a 1-day battery of tests, with the findings illustrated in a comprehensible record.

The modules of the BS unit are:

CAP - audio-visual capacity
DIM - spatial imagination
SKS - psychometrics / multi-tasking
TEC - mathematics, technical/physics knowledge
LAN - English knowledge
QUE - personality questions
ATP - ATPL knowledge test

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