Benefits of screening at ATTC

The Assessment Center at ATTC

The ATTC Assessment Center for pilots comprises behaviour-specific competencies, it unites various methods of aptitude diagnosis in which performance-related tasks are applied, with these augmented via classical selection instruments such as group work, interviews and additional tests. The multi-method concept provides a firm foundation for the aptitude diagnostic results.

In a range of different exercises the behaviour displayed by the participants is observed; the analysis is oriented on defined criteria optimised for the requirements profile of the pilots.

Benefits for the airline

The modern ATTC Assessment Center has been carefully constructed taking account of scientific knowledge; it is characterised by valid prognosis quality and accuracy. The range of different decision variables serves to prevent disappointment in expectations both on the part of the airline and of candidates. The results make a strong statement and are scientifically backed, they offer the airline a solid and transparent basis for personnel planning and decisions; the costs of pilot recruitment are significantly lowered via the reduced risk of wrong choice of personnel.

Prognosis security

Personality, social skills and expertise in the appointment of modern passenger aircraft pilots are decisive areas of investigation in personnel selection for the recruiting airline with regard to effective and secure implementation of tasks within the working environment.

The high-performance ATTC Assessment Center is a secure prognosis instrument for the recording of potential for the highly-qualified tasks of cockpit crews.

Realistic security

The benefits for the selecting airline lie in high objectivity, reliability and validity of the ATTC assessment. The procedure reflects the working environment of the pilot and closely mirrors future activity.

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