British Airways hires direct entry pilots 2017

British Airways announces Direct Entry recruitment roadshows!

BA will hire at least 250 new Direct Entry pilots in 2017

They are looking for experienced pilots including those who hold type ratings on any of the aircraft BA currently operates or has on order.

Prepare your British Airways assessment with us!


With the UK PilApt-Test for British Airways, operational and psychological aspects of the work environment of pilots are examined, it contains amongst other things: 

  • Capacity tests
  • Mathematics, technical understanding/physics and english
  • Assessment centre elements

The ATTC®-Preparation in cooperation with SkyTest®

In preparation of the UK PilApt-Test, our targeted training concept is used:

  • 3-day intensive seminar training, during which all elements of the Uk PilApt-Test are mapped.
  • Capacity training, actual preparation battery close to the originals
  • Targeting lessons for maths, physics and english
  • Comprehensive Assessment Centre preparation i.a. psychological questionnaire, TeamExercises, intensive InterviewTraining
  • Subsequent work at home with an individual training schedule and the training software from SkyTest® with the very latest modules. Post training includes also online support for all elements of the preparation and the option for additional remote Interview training via Skype until the test date. 

The capacity tests 

The performance is increased for the capacity requirements on the basis of an individual training schedule, which is created in accordance with a detailed performance record at the start of the seminar. In addition to the in-depth instruction in the exercises for the capacity procedures of the CompassTest by staff of the SkyTest® software manufacturer, the trainers also provide tried-and-tested and targeted strategies to improve the personal performance balance.

"...Flight Capacity Test addresses various pilot aptitudes from information perception and processing to divided - visual and aural - attention, short term memory, multi-tasking and stress tolerance. The task plots a flight deck situation with ATC instructions to apply and aircraft systems to handle, while remaining attentive to the live traffic environment around you.Primary task is NAVIGATION and conflict awareness. ATC will announce navigation instructions like waypoint, altitude and radio frequency updates to apply. Along with this, you have to recognize and highlight evolving traffic conflicts on a TCAS screen. Two secondary tasks call attention to aircraft systems. You have apply updated settings to aircraft ELECTRICS and resolve FUEL pump failures..."

Mathematics, technical understanding/Physics and English

For the areas of mathematics, technical understanding and English, the training schedule plans for the participation in specialist courses and, in addition, an online training module with exercises as well as coursework for subsequent work at home.

Assessment centre

During the entire assessment training, we individually optimise the presentation of the curriculum vitae to date; compliant solutions are provided for any weaknesses.
The group role-plays are performed in a variety of versions so that all possibilities and eventualities can be experienced during a role play.  ATTC® trainers show the best approaches appropriate to the situation; individual weaknesses are eliminated by repetition of specific aspects or by comprehensive repetition.

The final interview

The "script" for the InterviewTraining, as in the real test, also incorporates individual insights gained over the course of the seminar in addition to profile data from the psychological questions.  To improve non-verbal presence, the interviews are partially recorded on video and scrutinised together with the ATTC® trainer.

The ATTC® trainers, -psychologists and SkyTest® staff are also available online outside the seminar to provide individual help and support until the date of the test.

The fees for the complete ATTC-Training are: Euro 990,-- 

SoftwarePackage for pretraining will be made available immediately after receiving the fees.

Training also available as Supervised-Remote-Training SRT®

As short term alternative for the On-Site-Course our targeting remote preparation could be an option. Just register and get started immediately

Fees are: Euro 780,--


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