Cargolux via Mollymawk Test

ATTC has been preparing for the CargoLux scheme since years with high success rates. 2014 the CLX scheme changed from "Dr. Schwan/ Saarlouis" to the "AMC scheme", another change to DLR test took place in 2015, currently the so called Mollymawk test is in use. Targeting preparations for the Mollymawk scheme belong to the proven ATTC services. 

Trainings are accomplished as 3-day courses at an ATTC venue Frankfurt /Germany, London/UK Stansted Airport or On-Site in Dubai / UAE. Furthermore an aiming so called Supervised Remote Training SRT® is offered 24/7. 

Also possible a combination of remote and live training.

Training at ATTC

3-day intensive seminar or SRT® distance-learning course or combination 3-day plus SRT

The ATTC training in preparation for the CargoLux procedure represents the entire scope of the tests.

The booking options consist of either 3-day Intensive Training at an ATTC location or effective eLearning Supervised Remote Training SRT® as a distance-learning course at the start or a combination of 3-day plus SRT

The preparation for the Cargolux test is carried out regularly by us; the contents of the training are right up-to-date – as usual at ATTC, we're proud from a 100% success rate for CLX attendees in 2016!

To prepare for the test, our tried-and-tested 3-level concept is used: 

1.Training software even before the start of the seminar (exclusive selection of Cargolux-related CBT exercises in preparation for the Mollymawk online processes)

2. Intensive 3-day seminar training in one of the ATTC centres

3.Follow-up with individual training plan and support up to the respective part of the examination


Improving the psychological profile

The topic of "psychological questions" forms a comparatively large part of the Cargolux recruitment procedure; accordingly, the ATTC preparation for this specific part of the test is equally extensive at. As in the original process, different versions of the battery of questions are used for the training.

The analysis and optimisation of the psychological questions is performed by ATTC psychologists; there is also the option of accessing trainer resources outside of the seminar.


Increasing the performance values during the capacitive tests

The performance is increased for the capacity requirements on the basis of an individual training schedule, which is created in accordance with a detailed performance record at the start of the training. In addition to the in-depth instruction in the exercises for the current process at Mollymawk, the trainers also provide tried-and-tested and targeted strategies to improve the personal performance balance.


Preparation for the interview and group play

On the basis of the individual biographical background, a personal interview guideline is compiled.

During the ATTC training, the presentation of the curriculum vitae up to now is optimised individually; decision maker-compliant solutions are provided for any weaknesses. The applicants also learn how it is possible with simple means of self-reflection to further improve the results achieved up to that time during the course of the test.

The preparation for the new method is carried out by us regularly with a 100% pass rate for CLX applicants till date; please contact us to learn more about the recruitment process for CargoLux via Mollymawk.

Fees for the 3-day Intensive Training €/Euro 750.00

Registration fees are €/Euro 90.00



If you prefer online remote training, our Supervised Remote Training SRT® will be the most suitable training option:

Training could be started immediately, it comes with individual training plans for the capacity elements, exercises for maths, (physics and english) incl. scripts and specified tutor for each part of the course.

It also includes a comprehensive interview coaching via integrated online meeting solution (similar Skype or Facetime):

  • Professional ATTC interview coach                                                                    
  • Initial consultation
  • Analysis of your CV 
  • Evaluation of the online submitted Psychological Questionnaire through ATTC psychologist
  • Creating of a custom mock interview with likely questions, based on the Psychological Analysis plus aviation knowledge
  • Role plays 1:1 (very close to the original Role games at Mollymawk)
  • Complex Problem solving and planning tasks whilst under time pressure
  • In-depth mock interview with detailed feedback and coaching
  • Maths, technical comprehension/physics, english 

SRTs are scheduled from start of the training until the expected test date. You receive a step by step training plan which covers the complete preparation for the test which includes i.a.: 

-> Training schedules for the capacity elementsAn online tutor puts individualized plans in the virtual classroom of the training software. Performance levels are submitted to our server, succeeding schedules adapt personal progress / strengths and weaknesses.

-> Additional online exercises are provided for maths, physics and english, online tutor are available for each topic 

-> Interview preparation via online meeting solution, 3 sessions á 45min

Fees for the SRT €/Euro 690.00

Registration fees are €/Euro 90.00



Combination 3-day live training plus Supervised Remote Training SRT

- complete content of 3-day in an ATTC venue plus Supervised Remote Training SRT -

Training will be starting as a complete SRT preparation before starting the 3 day course, after performing the 3 day course, SRT will be continued until your test date

Fees for 3-day live plus SRT €/Euro 1,290.00

Registration fees are €/Euro 120.00

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