DLR-Test Preparation Turkish Airlines on site

With the DLR-Test for Turkish Airlines, operational and psychological aspects of the work environment of pilots are examined, it contains amongst other things:

  • Capacity tests
  • Mathematics, technical understanding/physics and english
  • ATPL-Knowledge
  • Psychological questionnaire
  • Interview (psychological and technical), TeamExercises 

The ATTC®-Preparation in cooperation with SkyTest®

In preparation of the DLR-Test for Turkish Airlines, our targeted training concept is used:

  • 3-day intensive seminar training, during which all elements of the DLR-Test are mapped.

  • Capacity training, latest preparation battery close to the originals
  • Targeting lessons for maths, physics and english
  • Comprehensive Assessment Centre preparation i.a. psychological questionnaire, TeamExercises, intensive InterviewTraining
  • Subsequent work at home with an individual training schedule and the training software from SkyTest® with the very latest modules. Personal progress is monitored and supervised through an integrated Classroom mode through ATTC-Trainer even outside the seminar until the test date.
  • Post training includes also online support for all elements of the preparation and the option for additional remote Interview training via Skype until the test date.

The capacity tests 

The performance is increased for the capacity requirements on the basis of an individual training schedule, which is created in accordance with a detailed performance record at the start of the seminar. In addition to the in-depth instruction in the exercises for the capacity procedures of the CompassTest by staff of the SkyTest® software manufacturer, the trainers also provide tried-and-tested and targeted strategies to improve the personal performance balance. Software for the capacity elements of the DLR-Test are made available already before starting the 3-days-seminar phase.

Mathematics, technical understanding/Physics and English

For the areas of mathematics, technical understanding and English, the training schedule plans for the participation in specialist courses and, in addition, an online training module with exercises as well as coursework for subsequent work at home.

Assessment centre

During the entire assessment training, we individually optimise the presentation of the curriculum vitae to date; compliant solutions are provided for any weaknesses.
The group role-plays are performed in a variety of versions so that all possibilities and eventualities can be experienced during a role play.  ATTC® trainers show the best approaches appropriate to the situation; individual weaknesses are eliminated by repetition of specific aspects or by comprehensive repetition.

The final interview

The "script" for the InterviewTraining, as in the real test, also incorporates individual insights gained over the course of the seminar in addition to profile data from the psychological questions.  To improve non-verbal presence, the interviews are partially recorded on video and scrutinised together with the ATTC® trainer.

The ATTC® trainers, -psychologists and SkyTest® staff are also available online outside the seminar to provide individual help and support until the date of the test.


Technology and Training media

Besides course lessons a computer based training will also take place; students do use their own hardware (Notebooks with Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8; MAC via Bootcamp or Parallels) and personal installations; additional hardware f.e. yokes will be provided by SkyTest®. The software will be made available as comfortable download well before starting the course, to ensure correct installations and smooth functioning during the training.
The training software can be adjusted to all parameters and is continuously broadened and updated. The ATTC® trainees will receive via internet the updates of their software modules automatically and as a result they are always on the latest level in receiving information on the examination.
The online training module with ATPL-Summeries, Maths, Physics and English exercises for subsequent work at home works across platforms and is usable even with Tablets like iPad etc.

The Staff

ATTC® sets a high value on the preparation for the psychological parts of the respective entrance methods. Thanks to well-tested ATTC® training already thousands of pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight stewards have been able to fulfil their dream in the aviation industry. With the assistance of the individual and competent service by the ATTC® team and above all fun at doing the interesting exercises very many applicants make it a success through the difficult entrance methods. The lectures are conducted by qualified personnel. 


Timetable 3 Phases:


Phase 1: Prior to beginning of the course 

  • Each attendee receives confirmation of registration with all booking details via eMail.The confirmation of registration includes, amongst other items, address details of the student, technical requirements (i.a. Notebook), time and place of the seminar training in Istanbul, information regarding the transfer of training fees.
    Following receipt of the fees each student receives a download link for the training software. 1st training plan will be available within the integrated classroom mode.
  • Following the automatically submitted performance datas, an individual training plan for the seminar phase is drawn up for each student.

Phase 2: Seminar phase 3 days in Istanbul

  • Training takes place in two rooms (hotel business centre); commencing at 10:00 and ends 05:00pm daily. The lunch breaks will be from 01:00 to 02:00pm. The two rooms will be used parallel to one another, with half of the applicants working on the PC stations whilst the other half participates in seminar training. Training will be conducted with individual training plans for each applicant, basis for the creation of these plans includes the performance values achieved prior to the seminar with the software provided and the performance results achieved during the respective seminar phase.


Phase 3: From the end of the seminar to the DLR-Test

  • Following completion of the seminar phase the students receive an online sector with access to the areas of knowledge in order to be able to review the content covered in the training. Students with smart phones such as iPhone, iPad or similar can also add parts of the knowledge areas to their mobile phones in the form of apps.
    The trainers, tutors and psychologists of ATTC® and SkyTest® will also be available via eMail and online outside of the seminar phase in the time prior to the exam.


Fees: EUR 990,--/student

The Training fees must be available at least 10 days before starting the seminar.

We accept non binding reservations for course seats until 10 days before training. 
Reservation fee is EUR 99.00 and will fully be refunded in case of booking. 

We offer group discounts, please inquire for details.

Register now or start with a non binding reservation for the course from November 12th

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