Efficient and qualified selection of applicants

Effective personnel selection with minimal administrative effort

In order to be able to make the correct choice of personnel for the special requirements of a cockpit environment airlines often implement their own pilot recruitment procedures, often at a high economic cost:

The personnel selection process typically begins with the inspection of application documents, followed by the time-consuming organisation of interviews for chosen applicants and the introduction of hiring procedures. The simplest procedure in this remains the interview; the statements of the applicants are generally notional and the professional practice of the applicant can scarcely be verified by the company. If the procedures are rendered more complex, this represents a financial and human resources investment on the part of the airlines that should not be underestimated, also due to the tasks concerned, which generally differ from those commonly undertaken by the organisation.

The ATTC Assessment Center is effective, it saves time and costs for the customer and secures the quality of the personnel selection.

Highly-qualified candidate selection at a mouse click

The ATTC Assessment Center is a modern, target-oriented personnel selection procedure for pilot recruitment. The use of a highly-capable IT environment means that the administrative input of the client airline is limited to just a few mouse clicks to compile a profile preference; all further stages from selection of application documents to invitations, implementation of the investigations and drafting of a detailed dossier with valid information for personnel decisions are conducted by ATTC.

The basis for the ATTC assessment design includes the current quality standards for professional aptitude diagnostics, for example the standards of the assessment centre working group. (Source: "Standards der Assessment-Center-Technik 2004")

  1. Binding clarification of administrative requirements
  2. Drawing up of a specific requirements profile
  3. Systematic behavioural observation by trained and experienced experts (personnel : test persons = 1:2)
  4. Implementation transparency for customer and applicants with comprehensible feedback
  5. Careful planning and implementation of tests under objective conditions, together with moderation throughout
  6. State-of-the-art technical equipment and rooms
  7. Regular quality controls to ensure the validity of the procedure

The ATTC Assessment Center enables potential for the working environment of a passenger pilot to be exhibited and utilisation options indicated, including beyond the actual task itself; this saves the client airlines considerable cost and effort as it has been developed with a close orientation on the operational aviation requirements of modern airlines.

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