Informed recruitment decision

Informed recruitment decision: Causal research

According to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), almost 75% of aviation accidents are caused by incorrect action on the part of cockpit personnel.

The primary causes of accidents are:

  • teamwork deficits
  • one-dimensional decision making
  • defective situational attention

The human factor

The human factor subsequently plays a major role; it is only with the optimal selection of pilots that safety in air traffic can be increased drastically. The weak point here is not always the human, who has assets representing a number of decisive advantages in the man/machine system:

  • high absolute sensitivity to weak stimuli and under poor signal / interference conditions
  • recognition of complex, time-variant stimuli such as language and highly-complex stimuli, such as high-speed scenes
  • category allocation in cases of vagueness
  • detection of unexpected / unfamiliar occurrences
  • prime cognitive processes, such as inductive closure, generalisation, analogies, development of innovative solutions
  • concentration on core matters in case of overburden; focus formation
  • ultra-fine motoric adjustments

Effective crews achieve highest performance in crew resource management

Scientific studies, primarily from the US, indicate that cockpit crews that function very well are capable of utilising all conceivable options for accident prevention, even in highly critical situations. Capable crews are often able to come up with several solutions to complex situations, even in seemingly hopeless circumstances, with the solutions tailored to one another and applied optimally.

Thorough personnel selection saves money

It is not only safety aspects that benefit from careful selection of personnel, from a financial viewpoint, too, the ATTC assessment is an effective and economic decision-making instrument in candidate selection. The likelihood of additional training and personnel expenses due to so-called problem pilots is reduced drastically.

Following analysis of global accident data, Captain Manfred Müller, Head of Flight Safety at German airline Lufthansa AG, arrives at the following conclusion:

"... that the qualified selection of pilots reduces the number of 'problem pilots' by approximately 80%."

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