Scoping and realisation

Scoping and realisation: Analysing the current applicant profile effectively

The work of pilots is characterised above all by the varied nature and complexity of the tasks that are to be mastered. What is required is not absolute maximum performance in a number of areas as is the case with other specialisations, but rather a balanced performance across a broad front. Alongside the typical cognitive and psychological requirements, the current and expected personality traits of the candidates during the course of their careers also play a role in personnel selection.

Effective estimation of personality development

Detailed analysis performed by the scientists of the German Aerospace Center, which also conducts the aptitude diagnostics for Lufthansa group cockpit crew, reveals the following:

"... that the significance of "soft skills" in particular grows in significance over the course of the career: where in initial flying training motoric and cognitive requirements are paramount, personality factors grow in significance for passenger flight duties and increase further with assumption of the responsibilities of a captain. These changes in the requirements profile over the course of a career also serve to explain why passing initial flying training is a necessary prerequisite but by no means a guarantee of a successful airline career ..."

Measuring performance features, predicting career progression

The highly-capable test system of ATTC reflects all of the requirements placed upon candidates for cockpit operations within the assessment procedure. Measurements are made of current sensory-motoric and cognitive performance parameters as well as a highly-valid prediction of the anticipated development of the candidate throughout the course of their career as a pilot.

Good team skills of personnel in the tasks assigned also serve to raise job satisfaction and form the decisive prerequisite for the optimal utilisation of human resources within the working environment of a modern cockpit.

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