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British Airways will hire at least 250 new Direct Entry pilots in 2017!

They are looking for experienced pilots including those who hold type ratings on any of the aircraft BA currently operates or has on order.

Prepare your Assessment / UK PilApt test with the proven ATTC training. We have scheduled another 3-day course in cooperation with SkyTest® at ATTC-London/ Stansted Airport from May. 17th Continue...
Since mid 2016 CLX entry test has been changed to the so called Mollymawk scheme. ATTC preparations for CLX are accomplished as 3-day courses at an ATTC venue or as Supervised Remote Training SRT®. Mollymawk test is conducted by the former DLR psychologist Melina Rauch.
We are proud from a 100% success rate for CLX attendees in 2016! Continue...
British Airways offers a pre-financed airline pilot training in cooperation with the flight schools CAE Oxford (UK), CTC (UK) and FTE Jerez (Spain/UK). Until 2016, 800 young pilots are to be recruited through the Future-Pilot-Programme, which in short is referred to as FPP.
Next preparation courses to train the entry tests at CAE Oxord, CTC or FTE will be starting Sep. 06th ATTC-London, Supervised Remote Training SRT® 24/7 Continue...
The only personalised Airline Interview Preparation Program which is specialised in remote training worldwide and offers face to face training in Germany, UK and UAE !
With our personally tailored 1-2-1 interview coaching service we will teach you how to excel in your next interview
Live-Distance or On-Site training available Continue...
The offical 2-stage (actually 3-stages) Emirates selection programme follows a fixed format and starts for european applicants with Pre Selection Phase PSP 1 f.e. in Amsterdam.
It consists of a Simulator Assessment at B737 or A320 (basic rough data flying incl. single engine procedure) and a standardised test to assess capacity skills and aptitude. PSP 2 (PSP 1 continues) contains the psychometric testing with the Advanced Control Test plus some guided tours of Emirates accommodations, Medical Clinics and schools etc. Continue...
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