Preparation British Airways Future Pilot Programme FPP

British Airways searching for 800 Abinito pilots until 2016

The applicants are being recruited within the context of a so-called Future Pilot Programme and will be educated by the 3 British Airways partner flight schools, OAA (Oxford Aviation Academy), CTC and Jerez.

The programme offers training for Abinitio applicants, who endeavour to receive a subsidised training that is similar to that offered by Lufthansa or Swiss. 

In the course of the online-application procedure, the prospective British Airways pilots already select the FTO (Flight Training Organisation) where the education is to take place. In this regard, under certain circumstances, the applicant’s place of residence might also play a relevant role in the decision-making process; the two UK-based flight schools OAA and CTC are located in Oxford and Southampton, and Jerez is in Spain.

The prerequisites for being accepted to participate in the attractive FPP are, among others:

  • The right to work and the right of residence for Great Britain (generally speaking, this is normally the given case for EU inhabitants)
  • A good command of English, fluent both in speaking and writing
  • Medical Class 1
  • Age 18 to 55 years

The recruitment tests will be conducted at one of the 3 flight schools

Provided the conditions are complied with, the applicants can expect to receive an invitation to a recruitment test at one of the 3 flight schools, where a recruitment test will be conducted. Regarding the capacitive elements, it will consist of a mix between different popular test batteries for the capacitive aspects, as well as a typical pilot test assessment for the psychological elements, such as group game/teamwork and an interview. 

Generally speaking, the tests last 2 days and, depending on the flight school, the tests might differ slightly.

The final interview will be conducted at British Airways in London

Following the recruitment tests and a positive assessment, the flight school will forward a recommendation to the “British Airways Recruiting Centre” at London’s Heathrow airport; there the final interview will be conducted prior to the start of training. 

3 days of intensive preparation at ATTC® in cooperation with SkyTest®

The complete recruitment test can be trained at ATTC® at the locations in Frankfurt and London. This targeted training lasts 3 days and is carried out in cooperation with SkyTest®. Already prior to the start of the seminar the very latest training software for the capacitive elements of the procedure will be available in the form of a download. In the course of the 3-day seminar phase, at one of the ATTC locations and subsequent to an ability assessment, an individual training plan with personal targeted performance values will be generated.

A key focal point during the presence phase will be the psychological aspects of the recruitment process. The training plan comprises targeted preparation of all group games as well as the interview. As is customary at ATTC®, the option of repeating all training contents free of charge is given, provided this is done within the framework of the respective repeater weeks.

The costs for preparing for the entire procedure amount to € 990.--.

✈ Next course at ATTC-London will start Sep.06th apply timely! ✈  ✈   ✈     ✈

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the Future Pilot Programme of British Airways. We would be happy to provide personal assistance; you can reach us from Mondays to Fridays during the normal business hours at +44 20 3286 7744.

„To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail!“ (Benjamin Franklin)

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